About us
We are Alpha
Alpha specialises in business merger, acquisitions and industrial insights in the Nordic markets. We take pride in our down-to-earth and thorough process. Further, we push ourselves to develop new and relevant services.

A full-stack boutique

Focusing on the mid-cap market, Alpha is an independent boutique with full brokerage authorization from The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. We advice structured sales processes, acquisitions, succession planning, capital raise and Management Buy-Outs. Alpha works with private and public companies, as well as national and international private equity investors. Alpha Corporate Finance was founded in 2007 by Lars Langsrud, Ketil Schjetne and Erik Schwabe, - a splinter group of leading banking professionals from Danske Markets Corporate Finance.

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Delivering solid craftsmanship

Alpha’s vision is to offer our clients advisory services that exceeds their expectations. Even though our process is not much different from other advisors, we believe that our standards are. We are down-to-earth people. We take pride in thorough corporate finance craftsmanship while being given the trust to be a company owner’s caretaker during an important milestone. We build solid.

The end result is our goal. Our mission is to create two winners in a strategic or financial transaction. Decency is a virtue and with that comes no quick fixes. M&As are important instruments in a company's lifecycle. Subsequently, our task is to extend the historic values and release new potential. As in any healthy ecosystem, the most sustainable models scale and renew. Value is not just short term financial equity. There are also long term strategic values. There are social values. When great values are involved, both opportunities and risks deserve equal attention in order to protect capital, product, organisation, intellectual property and a company’s legacy. Transparency is vital for trust and control. Discretion a must for asset protection. We cater all facets.

While most industries are currently being disrupted by new technology, our Corporate Finance industry not so much. At Alpha, we are impatient and hence invest in new tools to improve our services. As examples, we adopt design thinking principles in our prospects, and prepare to leverage big data analysis in our industry research division.

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Values and responsibility hand-in-hand

Summarizing our craftsmanship standards, Alphas values are staying down-to-earth, acting decent, being thorough and remaining relevant. These values are also corner stones in Alphas social responsibility efforts. Here are some examples of our social passion:

  • Ethical guidelines: Under the ruling of The Financial Supervisory Authority, Alpha follows and appraises strict ethical guidelines for our organisation and how we govern our business. For more information, please contact erik@alpha.no.
  • University lectures: The best results come from good planning, structured methodology, as well as strong subject culture. Alpha shares our knowledge and experiences through lectures and discussion groups at relevant schools and universities. For more information, please contact ketil@alpha.no.
  • Internships: Alpha believes in information sharing, competence development and young talent and hence offers internships for bachelor and master graduates with potential fixed engagements after ended internships. For more information, please contact jorgen@alpha.no.
  • Subject pro-bono: NGOs, charities, early-stage entrepreneurs and other social initiatives in need of financial advisory services, are welcome to apply for pro bono or mixed engagements with Alpha Corporate Finance. For more information, please contact lars@alpha.no.
  • Other philanthropy: The individual partners and employees of Alpha are active in politics, third world development philanthropic efforts, as well as general organizational life.