Alpha provides a wide range of financial advisory services, with focus primarily on mergers & acquisitions in the Norwegian and Nordic markets.
Sale of Companies / Divestments
We help all types of clients plan, structure and execute the sale of companies, shares or assets. This is often called sell-side advisory. Based on our vast experience in this area, we are able to tailor the sales process to each client’s particular needs and situation.
We support our clients in buying companies, shares or assets. Often called buy-side advisory, services typically include target identification, valuation assessments, strategic and tactical advice and negotiation support. We have extensive experience in this area and can assist at any stage of such a transaction.
We help our clients to merge their company with one or more other companies. We typically advise our clients on relative valuation, deal structure issues as well as the tactical issues in the process. On some occasions, we have also acted as joint advisor to both parties in a merger transaction.
We perform fundraising for our clients, assisting in finding new equity and other financing in selected situations. Such advisory is frequently focused on private placements, rights issues and other forms of funding. We also advise on debt restructuring in selected situations.
Company valuations
We help our clients assess the value of their company or companies. Through our valuation methodology and experience, we can estimate a company´s value as a “stand alone” case, as well as its value in a possible transaction. We also offer “fairness opinions” for listed companies that are subject to public bids.
Strategic alliances & partner search
We assist clients seeking the right strategic partner for their company. We can provide assistance with the actual search as well as with the process of entering into a strategic alliance or financial partnership. We use our industry knowledge, experience and our vast contact network to ensure the right match.
We support governmental and other public clients in the privatisation of their holdings. We can assist throughout the entire process from the early planning stages to the final sale. Our expert knowledge of the political system and governmental ministries adds a valuable dimension to our advisory.
We help clients who are considering buying the company they work for, substantially increasing their odds of successfully completing the deal. We help assess valuation and timing, as well as the tactical aspects of the process. We provide guidance in finding a financial sponsor, and structure the transaction.
Debt Advisory
We provide value-added services for clients looking to renegotiate existing bank debt, free up capital from their successful business or looking for an alternative to growth equity. Our vast network and continuous interaction with banks and other debt providers enable profound knowledge of what is required to secure the optimal debt financing for your firm. Situations we typically advise on include capital structure optimization, recapitalization, growth capital, acquisition financing and refinancing of existing debt.
We deliver restructuring solutions designed to build a platform for swift recovery and sustained success. In times of crisis, it helps to work with people you trust. We’ll use our expertise to identify the causes of the difficulties, identify the best strategy for business recovery and develop an optimal financial restructuring solution.