Neptune Software set for continued stellar growth
It has been a joyful journey to work with the Neptune team to secure capital for their global growth strategy.

At Alpha, we work hard together with our customers to achieve results. We love to work with great people and we have fun together with our customers. Working with the impressive people comprising the Neptune team ticked all the boxes spanning from hard work to good fun – just the way we like it.

Neptune is a story about bold entrepreneurship, amazing technology and awesome people with a global mindset from the get-go. Neptune’s technology makes work life smoother and more efficient for 1.4 million users at some 400 of the world’s largest enterprises. For a 2011 vintage bootstrapped company to be trusted by the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Vodafone, Luxottica, Hitachi, Equinor and Saint Gobain to mention a few, is not too bad. In fact, they have seen average customer growth of more than 90% per year, adding global brands to their customer list every quarter.

The world’s major corporations face a tremendous challenge staying ahead as the world goes digital at full speed. Developer scarcity, fragmented and complex legacy systems combined with a seemingly endless demand for user friendly and business critical applications create a perfect storm for the super-majors of the world. Neptune, with its low-code technology, is an enabler for corporations to get head above water and at the same time future-proof their businesses.

Exciting times ahead as Standout Capital boards the Neptune rocket with complementary competence and a handsome chunk of rocket fuel dedicated to growth.

Our initial piece on Neptune stated “good times and great tech”. The good times annotation referred to the sympathetic performers we have been fortunate to work with every day. The great tech reference was simply an objective observation. Looking back, both still hold up and summarizes the project just right. Thanks to Andreas Grydeland Sulejewski, Ole-Andre Haugen, Njål Stabell and the rest of the excellent Neptuners for contributing above-and-beyond, and for trusting us with the assignment.

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