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Alpha analysis: Broadband outperforms OSEBX
Alpha Broadband 2017 gives a full financial overview of all the broadband players in Norway combined with insight on the broader industry drivers.

For a long time, the broadband industry has frequently been accused of wasting tax payers' money on unprofitable and megalomaniac broadband development projects. Our recent hard facts report goes a long way in contradicting this established truth - in fact, it tells us that your money has been better off in broadband than with your stock broker.

The report has won wide acclaim as the most authoritative analysis on broadband players and trends in Norway. In 2017 more than one million Norwegian households will have a fiber connection by year-end and some 2.5 million will have a high speed internet connection. The industry has grown revenues at some 8% CAGR over the last five years. As OTT content (Think Netflix, HBO, Viaplay, etc) becomes more widespread, revenue growth will slow, but growth in investments continues until 2022. 5G and IOT are changing landscapes and creating new opportunities.

The Norwegian broadband ecosystem at large is dynamic and Alpha participates in its development by creating strong new partnerships such as the 2017 marriage between Oslo based Fiberworks and Pro Optix in Stockholm. Read more about the Fiberworks deal here.

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